Privacy Policy

General Aspects

The owner is responsible for the protection of users’ personal information given at the time of registration – a subject of the Terms of use.

The owner can use personal information of the users of only for purposes stated by the law and in accordance with the Terms of use.

Users have the right to access and change their personal information. The right is executed personally on the site, in the “Contacts” section.


Use of information

Personal information provided by the user at the time of registration can be used by the Owner for the following purposes: notifying the User for new services (free or paid), for promotional purposes, prize draws, for statistical purposes and all other, stated by the law and in accordance with the Terms of use.

The owner collects and uses the information described above in order to adapt the services to the users’ needs, to offer information, additional services and advertising materials which might be of interests to the users.

The owner of has the right to use the information in order to offer goods and/or services, to make different enquiries, polls etc.

All aspects of information use described above are not definitive and do not oblige the owner in any way. All other cases in which the information might me used will be in accordance to Bulgarian law, to the appropriate international acts, Internet ethics and our moral values.


Disclosure of personal information

The owner must not follow, correct or disclose any personal information of the site’s users, nor pass information to third parties, except for the following cases:

  • Has received the user’s informed consent;
  • The information will be used by the Owner’s employees or by companies in which the Owner has more than 50% share or that he/she controls directly or indirectly.  
  • Information is required by public authorities or officials who have the lawful right to require and collect such information;
  • The owner is required by law to submit the information.