Terms of Use

I. General Aspects


Art.1 For the correct understanding and application of the following TERMS OF USE, below are defined important terms and expressions:

1. „Agile Business Solutions” Ltd., (called Owner of Beboran.net or just Owner) is a trade company, providing informational services to its customers, through the administration of an Internet platform Beboran.net.

2. Beboran.net (www. beboran.net) is a virtual Internet platform (a website) giving its customers the possibility to access different types of information through hyperlinks to resources, contained on the server of the Owner or on other servers not controlled by the Owner.  

3. The services provided are the informational resources as well as the possibility of the users to express opinions, post questions, tell their stories and post other materials which will be published on the site Beboran.net.

4. User is every individual or company that uses the provided by the Owner services on Beboran.net.

5. Material is any text, photograph or video, created  by the Owner and from which different data bases are created that can be accessed on the site, but not only, including any work or publication term to copyright, as well as materials created by the users that can be accessed after publishing them on Beboran.net


Binding to the TERMS OF USE

Art.2. (1)  The following TERMS OF USE regulate the relationship between Owner and every other individual, visiting the site of Beboran.net in order to obtain information and have access to services provided by the platform. While using the site the User guarantees that he is informed of the following TERMS OF USE.

(2) The User confirms the above when he checks the box “I agree to the TERMS OF USE of Beboran.net”. 


Operation of the contract

Art.3. (1)  The contract operates for the Owner of Beboran.net  and for the user from the moment when the User agrees to its clauses from the declaration of his agreement of the above on the site and until terminating the use of Beboran.net.

(2) The user concludes a new contract with the Owner at every new registration with Beboran.net. The Terms of Use are displayed clearly on the site of Beboran.net and become active at the time of the contract conclusion.


Changes in the Terms of Use

Art.4. (1) If the terms of use need to be changed, the Owner will publish clearly on the start page of the site a message for the change as well as the changed text so the user will be well informed of any changes of the terms of use.

(2) The agreement to the changed terms of use becomes possible as described in art. 2.


Subject of the contract

Art.5. (1) The user of the platform is obliged to use the information and services provided by Beboran.net following strictly the requirements stated below. The Owner of Beboran.net provides these services cost-free or after payment.

(2) Paid services are clearly stated.

(3) All prices stated on Beboran.net  are inclusive of VAT.


II. Services provided by the Owner of Beboran.net

Art.6. The Owner provides the following informational services:

1. A possibility of creating and maintaining personal online pregnancy or children diaries;

2. A catalogue of thematic hyper-links to pages, containing different referential or entertainment information, advice and other materials;

3. Hyper-links to selected websites by the Owner;

4. Hyper-links to websites offering different products or services; 

5 Other.


Equipment and access to Internet

Art.7. The user uses his own computer and access to the Internet in order to use the services provided.


III. Rights and Obligations of the sides

Rights and Obligations of the User

Art.8. (1) The User has the right to use cost-free or paid services provided by the Owner of Beboran.net.

(2) Paid services of Beboran.net  are clearly stated.

Art.9. (1) When accessing the provided services and information the User has not the right to publish commentaries, stories and other materials that:

а) Contradict to Bulgarian law, to applicable foreign law, the present Terms of Use, Internet ethics, moral rules and good manners.

b) Are life threatening or dangerous to people;

c) Contain explicit and/or offensive text or images on religious or political themes;

d) Have an advertising purpose, except when previously agreed with the Owner;

e) Violate people’s rights according to the Constitution and Law or Republic of Bulgaria or other international acts, ratified by the Republic of Bulgaria.;

f) Contain commercial or official secret or other confidential information;

g) Are an object of intellectual property of third parties, except after the express agreement of the holder of the right;

h) Violate any property or moral rights or lawful rights of third parties;

(2) If a third party informs the Owner in writing that rights have been violated by the Users, the Owner has the right to delete such information, as well as to use all technological and lawful means to find the offender and inform the authorities. 

Art.10. (1) The User of Beboran.net is obliged when using the provided by the Owner services to:  

а) Act in accordance to Bulgarian Law and the applicable foreign laws; the present TERMS OF USE, Internet ethics, moral rules and good manners.

b) Do not disturb but appreciate people’s rights according to the Constitution and Law or Republic of Bulgaria or other international acts;

c) To respect the good reputation of others and not to initiate an unwanted change of the established order, to provoke criminal, violent, race, national, ethnic or religious conflicts. To restrain from any fascist or other antidemocratic ideologies;

d) To keep others’ property or moral rights and interests, as well as ownership, intellectual ownership etc.

e) Restrain from presenting oneself as someone else or as a representative of a company in order to deceive third parties or to lie about his social belonging.

(2) If the above rules are violated the Owner can decide to terminate the contract with the violator and no longer provide services to him/her.

(3) If a violation is established according to paragraph (2), the user will lose without compensation its rights without any refund. 


 Rights and obligations of the Owner

Art.11. The Owner has the right but not the obligation to keep materials and information published on Beboran.net.

Art.12. The Owner has the right to terminate unilaterally and without notice access to services and information of any user who abuses with his actions the Owner’s good reputation, as well as Bulgarian Law, international acts or if that user threatens the work of the programs and technical means by which information and services are provided, incl. of other operators.   

Art.13. In the case of any wrong action according to the previous Article and if requested by the authorities by the power of Bulgarian legislation, the Owner has the right to submit all information related to any User and their actions.

Art.14. The Owner has the right to terminate the use of services and information of individuals who use the site for trade and promotional purposes, or for developing and providing their own services.  

Art.15. The Owner is obliged to keep correspondence, user names and passwords private, unless otherwise agreed with the User or unless it is needed by the acting regulatory.


Restriction of responsibilities

Art.16. (1) The Owner of Beboran.net cannot be hold responsible for:

а) Break downs of the programs or technical servicing of Internet or telecommunication providers in or outside the country which prevents the user from accessing the services and information.

b) Services are affected by Internet viruses or other circumstances interrupting the normal operation of computer systems.

(2) The Owner is not responsible for the content of hyper-linked sites on Beboran.net as well as for any circumstances resulting from the use of such sites.  

(3) The Owner is not responsible for diaries, photographs, texts, links etc. published on the site by the user.

(4) With agreeing to the following TERMS OF USE the users of Beboran.net declare that they take full responsibility of using the services provided.  

(5) The Owner is not responsible for any losses of the Users as a result of their use of services and information, as well as for the non-possibility to use them.  

Art.17. (1) The Owner is not responsible for damages on the software, hardware or telecommunications means or for loss of personal information related to materials and resources, searched, loaded or used in any other way.

(2) The Owner cannot guarantee the authenticity of the information displayed on the site of Beboran.net.


Intellectual property

Art.18. (1) All elements of the content of Beboran.net including design, software programs, databases, text, pictures, graphics, sketches and other information or elements are a subject of Intellectual Property as regulated by the Copyright law and they are a property of the Owner of Beboran.net. The Owner has exclusive rights over some of the publications as regulated by Art. 19.

(2) Any use, reproduction, change etc. of a part or the entirety of the content of Beboran.net, including databases and materials, without the Owner’s written permission is forbidden and will be prosecuted.

 (3) As long as the Services provided by The Owner are intended for personal use, Users of Beboran.net do not have the right to distribute in any way the information from the site, nor to copy or print it unless it’s for personal reference.

 (4) Users should respect Intellectual Property should they have copied materials from the site onto their computers for personal reference. 


Right for exclusive use

Art.19. (1) When publishing any material on the site of Beboran.net, the User, after agreeing to the TERMS OF USE according to art.2, point 2, grants the Owner with the exclusive right over the published material

 (2) The right described above includes the possibility to use the material as stated in art.18, point 2 from the Copyright Law, as well as the Owner’s right to be paid for any use of the material (art.19 of the Copyright Law) and also be rewarded for the irregular use of the material.

(3) The exclusive right of use can be obtained for a 10 year period.

(4) Users according to article 1 reserve only their rights according to art.15, points 1, 2 and 4 from the Copyright Law, and other rights are given to The Owner of Beboran.net.


Compensations and forfeits

Art.20. (1) It is the Users responsibility to compensate the Owner as well as any third party for all damages or losses that have occurred, including lawyer’s taxes as a result of claims from and/or paid compensations to third parties related to information published on the site of Beboran.net and/or made available to third parties violating the Bulgarian Laws, other international acts, the present Terms of Use, good moral or Internet ethics.

 (2) The User must compensate the Owner for all his actions or lack of action, by which he has violated or let be violated intellectual property rights of the Owner over the materials published on Beboran.net

 (3) Beside the Articles described above the User must compensate the Owner of Beboran.net as well as any third party if the site has been used improperly.


Entry into force

Art.21. The present terms of use enter into force from 15.03.2010.