Why did we create Beboran.net?

Why did we create Beboran.net?

We created it for you parents - to describe, preserve and share every precious moment of your child's life. You will be able to show them one day how dynamic, interesting and beautiful their childhood was. By creating Beboran.net we transformed paper diaries into online diaries but we did a lot more too. Here you will find out why…

We present to you 7 things you can do on Beboran.net:

  1. Create a diary of your child and follow his life even before birth in a pregnancy diary;
  2. To seal every single precious moment – not only with text but also with photos and videos. Thus your diary will be livelier and more beautiful;
  3. Compare height and weight of your little to international standards so you can always have a true guidance for the child’s development;
  4. To describe in the health card all doctor’s visits, immunizations, medicines and vitamins so you will have this important information always at hand wherever you are;
  5. To create a family tree of the whole family;
  6. To share as much as you wish – thanks to the privacy settings it is you who control what part of the information to be public;
  7. To build new friendships and receive important advice from more experienced parents who have already followed the path you’re on. So you can give your own advice and share your experience later.

And these are 7 things, Beboran.net will do for you:

  1. Will tell you when to expect your little Beboran by calculating your due date according to the conception date;
  2. Will prepare you for each week of your pregnancy – by sending you helpful information of what to expect in the development of the baby;
  3. After the birth we will provide information about the growth of your child at the beginning of each new month of his life;
  4. Will bring the whole diary information on one general visual card of the newborn – this way your friends will easily follow the child’s story in an easy to use and simplified manner;
  5. Will reward you for a special effort with a prize and entry in our special Book of Records on Beboran.net;
  6. Will let you know when friends add new fun stories, photos and videos so you will be updated with their news;
  7. And finally – with the touch of a button it will transfer on paper the diary you created with so much love and attention.

Online platforms come and go without offering a simple mechanism to save the content in a lasting form. By saving your diary it will be available to you even in 20 years to share the joy with your grown up child and make an unique gift.

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